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PNW local, Dylan Lipsker's appreciation and understanding of the impact that color has on mental state started from a young age. Yet, it wasnt until he was nearly 30 that he began honing his talents and dedicating everyday to the persuit of bringing to life the heartwarming color pops that he had always seen in his mind. Driven by an unbridled passion and an idea that life is best lived in color, Dylan creates beautiful one of a kind pieces that are both a reflection of himself and the world around.

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My Story

It would be easy to say that art saved my life and leave it at that. Yet, that doesnt begin to describe what the power of passion has given to my world. Several years ago I had a life changing atv accident that left me without the ability to enter REM sleep. For some time I let sleepless nights take power over my world. Passion had all but disappeared from my day to day life, I was simply floating from moment to moment. I began to feel as if my life/reality was slipping away. It took filling my nights with the colorful creations from my sleepless imagination, for me to want to take hold and never let go of myself again. Through art I have found passion, a desire to create, a will to overcome and a endless love for my extra time at night. No longer are my sleepless nights a point of uncontrolled frustration. While the rest of the world sleeps, I find peace in the quiet of my night time creation sessions.

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In a world where everything is black or white, be the pop of color

Dylan Lipsker

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Liberty Nights
So Jelly Couple
So Jelly Fam
Paradise Beach
Stone Beach
Rock N Waves
Winter River
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Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, commission requests or studio visits, please contact D-Lip Art today.

Spokane Wa


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